Our new responsive website and blog

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The World Pantheist Movement is happy to launch our completely redesigned website.
It is a responsive design that will be easy to read on any device from desktop or laptop to smartphone or tablet.  For the time being parts of the site will be a work in progress.
The blog is a new venture for the World Pantheist Movement. It will allow our collaborators to publish  longer and more thoughtful pieces than is possible through our Facebook page and groups.
We will be covering a wide range of topics, including Universe, Nature, Environment, Science, Healthy Living, Life Wisdom, Human and Animal Rights, Celebration, Pantheism, Religions, Philosophy and much more.
The overall viewpoint will be scientific pantheist, but the views expressed are personal. Unless specifically stated, they do not constitute WPM official policy, which is presented primarily in our Statement of Principles.
Comments are turned off, since we do not have the person-power to moderate these. Instead, our bloggers may link and summarize their blog on our Facebook groups, so that people will have a chance to comment there.