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Supporter $50.00 per Year. Select
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Senior $20.00 per Year. Select
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Why join?

The World Pantheist Movement promotes a spirituality that is strongly focused on love and care for nature, protection of the environment and animal and human rights – rather than complying with ancient scriptures in the hope of finding favor with a judging creator God. Working for the survival of our natural world, rather than hoping for eternal life after death.
Scientific pantheism also listens to and learns from the findings of science – instead of denying or suppressing them in favor of pre-scientific fantasies or the interests of political lobbies. And stands for the separation of church and state, for freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion.

The WPM is a non-profit corporation registered in the States of Colorado and New York. We are recognized as a charity by the IRS under clause 501(c)3.  If you are a US resident your contributions are tax-deductible.

Member benefits include

  • Access to classic archive copies of our magazine Pan.
  • Only members can request certification as WPM celebrants, to conduct weddings for friends and relatives or (if you have acceptable qualifications) as a civil celebrant.
  • Free e-mail forwarding addresses if desired, eg: yourname@pantheism.net
  • First consultation in occasional polls about WPM services and other developments.

How membership helps our goals

To maintain and expand our activities, and to inform the public about pantheism, we rely entirely on contributions from sympathetic supporters.

Almost all work is done by unpaid volunteers. No director or officer of the World Pantheist Movement receives any fee or salary or payment other than legitimate expenses on WPM business (which are very rarely claimed).

Your generous contributions enable:

  • Running an expanding field of pantheist Meetup groups, free of organizer fees, for face-to-face meetings creating mutually supportive local communities.
  • Running community.pantheism.net, a high-end social network for sharing wisdom about life stages and living and discussions that do not disappear in a few days but go deeper and stay in place for others to refer to later.
  • Running a modest keyword search campaign, which reaches out with short slogans and messages about scientific pantheism.
  • Web hosting, domain registration, occasional tech help for our web site, bank fees, state registration fees etc.

Your continuing support will enable us to sustain and expand these goals and services.