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Why join?

Membership in the World Pantheist Movement both helps us in our mission and offers benefits to members.
As a member, you gain full access to the Pantheist community, where you can learn, communicate, and (if you wish) meet with other people like yourself.
At the same time, your contribution helps promote Scientific Pantheism, increasing awareness of an ethically modern, environmental and naturalistic alternative to supernatural religions.

Member benefits include

● Access to archive copies of our magazine Pan
● Only members can request certification as WPM celebrants, to conduct weddings for friends and relatives.
● Free e-mail forwarding addresses, eg: yourname@pantheism.net
● First consultation in polls about WPM services and other developments.

How membership helps our goals

To maintain and expand our activities, and to inform the public about pantheism, we rely entirely on contributions from sympathetic supporters.
All work is done by unpaid volunteers.
Your contributions enable:
● payment of Web hosting, forum, incorporation and bank fees;
● writing and editing materials for online publication;
● online advertising with core messages;
● images, themes and special contributions to the website
● technical consultants for web services

Your support will help the WPM to:

● Promote a nature-centered alternative to supernatural religions
● Promote a spiritual focus on conserving nature
● Promote a rights-based alternative to scriptural religions
● Facilitate local and professional networking of pantheists
● Strengthen the case for separation of church and state
● Present Pantheist perspectives on environmental and cultural issues

The WPM is a non-profit corporation registered in the States of Colorado and New York.
We are recognized as a charity by the IRS under clause 501(c)3.
If you are a US resident your contributions are tax-deductible.