By donating to the WPM you are supporting our efforts to:

  • make pantheism globally known as a nature-centered and naturalistic alternative to supernatural religions

  • grow our circle of friends and members so as to make to easier to find other pantheists near you, or in your profession or other life activities

If you would like to donate via the Web …

You can conveniently donate to the World Pantheist Movement via Network for Good,
a sister site to the Guidestar Foundation which maintains records on US charities.

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What donations to the WPM are needed for …

All officers and volunteers for the World Pantheist Movement work freely without pay.
We work from our own homes, so there are no utilities rents or mortgages to pay.
Only necessary expenses are reimbursed.

The cost of hosting our World Pantheism social network at Ning.
If you use Ning but are not a WPM member
please consider supporting this service.

$5 per year is suggested.
Informational advertising
Mostly via Google Adwords and Facebook.
These short ads are very carefully targeted to people who may already have pantheistic ideas or may be very interested in related areas such as nature, science, naturalism.
The ads attract new friends and members and make it easier for people to find other pantheists near them.
At the same time they also familiarize people with the name Pantheism and some of the core ideas of Naturalistic Pantheism, and promote naturalism, nature conservation and other key concepts.
Since we started with Google Adwords in June 2004 these messages have been shown well over half a BILLION times and have helped to massively boost knowledge of pantheism as an alternative to supernatural belief systems.

A Spirituality of Reality
World Pantheism focuses on
Nature and the Universe

A Religion of Science?
World Pantheism
respects Science
and reveres Nature

Agnostics with awe
What if the Universe itself
were the only “god”?

Paganism without Magick?
Revere and save Nature
without supernaturalism

Meet Fellow Pantheists
Online community for naturalistic
pantheists, including local groups


If love and care for Nature
are the heart of your spirituality,
you are probably a Pantheist.

Atheism not enough?
Looking for more than just basic atheism? Pantheism is a naturalistic approach that adds reverence for Nature, Universe, Life.

The Astronomers’ Religion
Hawking, Sagan, Einstein – all scientists with deep reverence for the Universe. Check out Pantheism – Dawkins “sexed-up atheism.”

Support for production and postage of information materials and leaflets. This is a tiny  counterweight to the deluge of literature from traditional religions, and is freely available to local group organizers.

Covering our legal, Web hosting, postage, stationery, and banking costs and fees.


Occasional advertising via EcologyFund, through which we have directly sponsored the conservation of wildlife habitat. Our checks to pay for these ads were made out to the conservation organizations, World Parks and the Nature Conservancy.

Occasional expenses relating to WPM presence at key conferences & other events (e.g. the UU General Assembly). This has been a relatively rare occurrence (2 UU GAs so far in 10 years).  

Donate Now Through Network for GoodClicking on this button will lead straight to the page
for donations to the World Pantheist Movement.